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The Alpine-Renault A310, whether in 4-cylinder or V6 form is surely one of the most underrated sports cars of the 1970`s and 1980`s. Today's prices reflect just how undervalued they are; many are offered for sale on internet auction sites and these are often ill-cared for examples. Even the exceptional ones do not attract the figure they deserve. Those in need of love and attention can offer tremendous scope for someone happy to restore the car yet sadly many are bought as a cheap, old sports car and thrashed to death (which can be mercifully quick).
For those of us worldwide who appreciate the A310 for what it is, what it represents and what it does for us, this page I hope will do it for you too!
See pics of other A310`s from around the world. (If you see your car and would like it removed from this page, please let me know via email and it will be removed.)
My wife and I live in the Charente region (16) of France, so the Alpines have `come home`. The family connection with Renault began many years ago when my brother started work at a Renault dealership in the UK. From then on, Renault 5, 16, 18, 20, 21 in all their derivations as well as Alpines have been a big part of our family. 
I have driven all Alpine models and bought my first A310 V6 in 1997 after realising that the model has a remarkably loyal following in some areas of Europe but is almost unknown in the UK (except to the Alpine Club!). I am also a supporter of the underdog and the A310 seemed to constantly struggle to be recognised as a viable and successful model after the A110 enjoyed worldwide admiration. But as those of us in-the-know know , an A310 makes a superb sports coupe to rival many of the front line sports car makers products. And the A310 is more exclusive and rare too! So if you are already an owner, a fan, or even a curious first-timer then pleaseread on..
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Text Box: Here is my latest purchase (bought in 2005) and this is the basis of my "Poisson Dieppois" replica. The detailed build of this car appears on the pages within. 
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Text Box: Pictured above is my first A310, a 1982 version originally silver, it is one of the Alpines sold into Belgium. 
 Click on 'A310 Restoration Page' below for details of the 'RYLY' 2005 transformation - it is remarkable!!

Text Box: Below is my 1979 ex-DeLorean development A310. 
An interesting car, it has a fuel-injected PRV V6, many strange electrical modifications and may be 2.8 litres making the car very quick indeed. It is need of some restoration but is fully road-worthy and used often. It now lives at our house in south west France  it has come home!
































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