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China deputy representative of the Ministry of commerce international trade negotiations Chong Quan said 7 days, 2012 China foreign trade import and export situation will be more severe, will continue to stabilize exports, expand imports, is conducive to the smooth development of China economic health. the Information Office of the State Council held on 7 "China foreign trade" white paper press conference, Chong Quan said that in 2012, and the external market situation has not fundamentally improved, domestic comprehensive cost pressures will continue to rise. China will focus its exports on exports to developing countries, especially emerging economies. in September, October China export growth decline, Chong Quan said that this reflects the weakening of demand in the international market, such as China on the American market, European market export growth rate is on the decline; on the other hand also reflects the Chinese export is now facing the comprehensive cost the pressure rises, including labor wage inflation, the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, the rise in the cost of land, the rising prices of raw materials. Chong Quan pointed out that as one of the three driving forces of foreign trade exports, the current development of the national economy has a very important and temporarily irreplaceable role. "Realistically speaking, compared with other countries in the world, the contribution rate of foreign trade to China's economy jordan shoes online sale is not as high as people think.". Germany is 60%, Japan is 33%, China is about 20% or so." Chong Quan said that China's foreign trade is a favorable factor and a positive factor in China's economy; it is not a negative factor; it does not adversely affect or affect the macro-control. In the current situation, only stabilizing exports and expanding imports will be more conducive to achieving macro-control goals and conducive to the healthy and steady development of China's economy. (Editor: afnhk) in July 1st, the export tax rebate of 553 items was cancelled, and the export rebate rate of the 2268 items was lowered. Through the analysis of export data in the first 5 months of this year, Hangzhou customs found that more than 70% of the export enterprises and more than half of the export commodities in Zhejiang will be affected by the adjustment of the export tax rebate policy. statistics show that 1-5 months of this year, Zhejiang exported to cancel or reduce the export tax rebate goods $24 billion 90 million, accounted for 51% of the province's total exports; a total of 17708 enterprises engaged in export tax rebate rate down, accounting for the same period in the province's export enterprises 73.6%. : in all exports, clothing, furniture, footwear and plastic products, such as traditional exports of Zhejiang will be relatively large impact. 1-5 months, Zhejiang Province, respectively, exports of clothing, furniture, footwear and plastic produ air jordan 11 space jam for sale cts, $6 billion 240 million, $1 billion 840 million, $1 billion 380 million and $820 million, the export tax rebate tax of all the above 4 categories of goods under the rate was lowered. In addition, luggage, fasteners, bedding, lighting and hand or machine tools, the main export commodities in Zhejiang will also be greatly affected. 1-5 months, exports of Zhejiang province to lower export tax rebates of textiles, automotive parts and medical equipment for $280 million, $5 million 146 thousand and $4 million 265 thousand, accounting for only 4.7% of their respective total exports, 0.6% and 2.5%, so these products affected by the export tax rebate policy adjustment will not be great. 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But talking about the world famous brand of sports shoes, people will think more about Nike, Adidas, talking about purses, people will think of Louis Weedon, Valentino, and I do not know what the Chinese brand is. "goods" and "brand", the reason is a long period of time we else's trousseau "". The average export price of Chinese shoes for $2.5, with foreign brands can turn to hundreds of times; a globe export price of $5, with the brand to sell for $85; a market price of 100 euros for women, China companies can get 3-4 euros plus fee. the lack of independent export brands; in international exchange, we can only sell cheap resources and labor force to obtain meager trade gains. "a weak brand, is probably not a trade power : last year, China's import and export volume amounted to 851 billion 200 million U. s.dollars, of which exports 438 billion 400 million U. s.dollars, respectively, ranking fourth in the world, trading and exporting countries have been established. From the point of view of export structure, China's processing trade (OEM export) accounts for half of China's export. General trade exports, mostly OEM production. China's exports of 1/3 strong Guangdong province's own brand exports accounted for only 3% of the province's total exports, Shanghai and Zhejiang provinces accounted for less than 10% of its own brand exports. "no brand goods, the equivalent of no account, a weak brand, is probably not a trade power." Lu Jianhua, director of the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the lack of independent export brands and the massive expansion of low value-added industrial manufactured goods have created a series of adverse impacts on foreign trade and the development of the national economy. It is not conducive to increase international exchange earnings, is not conducive to sustainable economic development, is not conducive to enhancing international competitiveness. at present, we are still in the low-end part of processing. Looking at the value chain of the international market, the added value created by the production link is only 30%, and the remaining 70% comes from the R & D and marketing links marked by the brand. Lu Jianhua says, because it only relies on quantity expansion1-1401200U913.jpg (92.11 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 09:07 upload 1-1401200U914.jpg (132.81 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 09:07 upload 1-1401200U914-50.jpg (135.47 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 09:07 upload Nike 00This year's Doernbecher Freestyle charity children's hospital series is coming to the stage, and the most notable of which is the Air Jordan 13 Doernbecher. For the first time, Air Jordan 13 shoes were first introduced to charity. 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