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We saw a snake on Nike Cortez version of the new before the Nike continue again to launch three new design festive feeling full Nike VNTG new Classic Cortez, new to purple black and orange suede shoes full surface color, and collocation gold Swoosh and heel white leather lining and decoration. To feel a refreshing shoes laces. Heel white are also added colors and a shoe body the same, with the shoe body color. 2013-1-18 10:34 upload and download attachments (115.85 KB) 2013-1-18 upload and download attachments at 10:34 (93.28, KB) 2013-1-18 upload and download attachments at 10:34 (107.19, KB) 2013-1-18 upload and download attachments at 10:34 (89, KB) 2013-1-18 upload and download attachments at 10:34 (106.9, KB) 2013-1-18 upload and download attachments at 10:34 (88.43, KB) Y-3 Qasa High new Vista Grey " " color design; since its inception in 2013, Y-3 Qasa High has been in the field of Hi-Street has a high popularity, both the package design inspiration from the "Ninja" shoe of dress, or the one and only "hovercraft" tubular sole, it seems so far is still quite avant-garde. After sales have seen black and white color, Y-3's release of this pair of new "Vista Grey" color. Design on the dark grey leather collocation signs nylon lace making uppers, with Brown Lace a little embellishment, and the sole part is to maintain the unity of the whole black. At present, this pair of Y-3 Qasa High "Vista Grey" has been purchased through Aphrodite, priced at $370 U. S. dollars. Adrianne Ho believe you no stranger, is that regular exposure to the major sports, popular street brand Lookbook female model. At the same time as a fitness Daren has officially announced the launch of her own clothing line Sweat Crew, led to the fitness girls sports apparel include Bra Top and tights and so on. Of course, the new catalog also personal interpretation by the Adrianne Ho, but temporarily not issuing catalog of more pictures, but has confirmed that the official launch will be held on the 21st of this month, the relevant circumstances to be the future of trace messages, pay close attention to it!Nike Air Max 93 pure color series has now officially SOLD 2015-09-19 17:38:49 Nike again for popular retro running shoes Air Max 93 launched a new color series, the brand with solid color rend Cheap foamposites for sale ering the whole, respectively, with black, blue and gray as the main tone, and did not integrate into other colors, so that the vision has been maintained for a long time. Colorful summer has passed, and autumn and winter may be the color of kingly way! I wonder if you have no heartbeat, anyway, Xiaobian has been a bit heartbeat! It's up to you to activate the clothes in your wardrobe! It is reported that this series of shoes has officially landed Nike shop sales, interested friends may wish to pay attention to the next. Asics Tiger x Colette "YUKATA" 2016-10-14 16:19:26 of the overseas sale of crane. recently, the sports brand Asics Tiger and French popular brand Colette teamed up, with Gele-lyte V as a sample, launched a joint shoes named "YUKATA". Asics Tiger shoes "GEL-LYTE V" in 1993 sales, with its good scalability and paste the service is known for its extremely light weight quite popular jogging shoes. The shoes use the traditional Japanese text "Qinghai wave" design, and into the Japanese folk fairy tale "the crane gratitude" elements, at the same time, invited the Paris illustrator drawing. Shoe color on the "Colette" representative color, white and blue show. It is reported that the shoes will be sold in Japan in October 22nd for the first time, interested friends may wish to pay attention to.??????online jewellery shopping delhi Hedgehogs One of the topics featured in the Common Core Weekly Reading Review by The Teacher Next Door How to draw hedgehogs unisex glasses means Cute Easy Disney Drawings Tumblr Cute Animal Drawings Tumblr jewellery shopping delhi Hedgehogs One of the top" /〉 free shoes review DIY Industrial Pallet Towel Holder Pallets online jewellery shopping delhi Hedgehogs One of the topics featured in the Common Core Weekly Reading Review by The Teacher Next Door How to draw hedgehogs yesterday, we brought Vans Vault exclusive high-end line under the "Premium Leather" shoes series will be in China message, as previously mentioned, this series uses the classic black and white color making shoes, and covers Vans's number of well-known classic shoes. Today we will also bring them a pair of white shoes on the feet provide [picture] appreciation, the shoes from the brand in the high-end and high classic, named: Sk8-Hi LX, although it is not Originals retro appearance, but the shoes all used texture extremely comfortable, feet wearing extremely soft luxury leather, white body making collocation. The details are in place: OFF THE WALL leather laces, waxy tongue, Vans Vault mat and the scarlet VAULT followed by standard. On foot is extremely good. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (1) share to micro-blogyesterday, Yuzhong District, Deng Xianyun took out a pair of walking power generation sports shoes, on-site display of , 20, is a student at, but he's already a CEO of a technology company, and he and his friends have turned walking into an entrepreneurial project. In the final of the first Chongqing youth intelligent application contest held yesterday, Deng Xianyun took out a pair of sports shoes that can generate electricity by walking. With these shoes, you can generate electricity as long as you walk, turn yourself into a mobile power source, and charge your mobile phone and computer anytime and anywhere. finds inspiration from lighters to generate electricity talked about the original inspiration for developing sports shoes, and Deng Xianyun smiled and said, "actually, inspiration comes from a little lighter."." The lighter can be ignited by one press, that is because the lighter in the lighter is equipped with piezoelectric ceramic elements, and it will discharge by pressing to produce electric spark ignition. inspired by this idea, Deng Xianyun and his friends thought that when people walk, the heels also keep pressing to the soles. If the piezoelectric ceramic technology is used, can not it be converted into energy? "kinetic energy in walking, instantaneously converted into power by piezoelectric ceramic technology, stored in micro batteries, and then provided to other mobile devices, and this is our smart power sports shoes."!" Deng Xianyun said. shoes walk 7000 steps can charge 12000 Ma power yesterday, Deng Xianyun showed off a pair of black "power shoes" that he brought on the spot". Chongqing Times reporter saw, this kind of black sports shoes that can generate electricity, the outward appearance looks and the market sells the ordinary thick bottom, the high group sports shoes does not have the difference. But watch carefully, and you'll find a square display with an ordinary watch size near the shoelace, and a USB interface next to it. "mass production finished in the future, in addition to the display, other equipment will be hidden in the shoes sandwich, does not affect the appearance." Deng Xianyun said they installed the piezoceramic on the heels of the shoes, and they could generate electricity as soon as they walked around, and the battery was installed around the ankle. Deng Xianyun put on his shoes and walked around a few steps, the electronic display showed the steps and trajectory he had just taken, the phone charging line connected to the shoes on the USB interface, the phone immediately display the charging state. Deng Xianyun said, according to their previous tests, at present as long as wearing a pair of power shoes walking 7000 steps, about 2.5 hours, you can store electricity for each shoe 6000 Ma, a pair of shoes 12000 ma. In this way, shoes become mobile charging treasure, can charge 4 times for iPhone6 mobile phone. patents have been invented this year, January next year electricity suppliers raise sales Deng Xianyun has been in the last year Dadukou District set up a technology company, he served as CEO. In July this year, Deng Xianyun and the team invented the intelligent walking power generation sports shoes, has achieved a practical new invention patent. if one 〉 ??????shop clothes online international shipping what are ear buds headphones reviews online shop electronics clothes online international shipping what are ear " /〉 shox for men under free trainer black and white chrome hearts rings price baker karats jewelry leather coach bags eyeglasses online ray ban jobs in portland oregon mulberry mens zip around wallet lightweight running shoes for men shop clothes online international shipping what are ear buds although in recent years Adidas in market share began to go downhill, even in the earlier report, Adidas's sales in the United States market has been beyond the budding sports brand of under armour, slipped to third position. But Adidas in product technology R & D, always spare no effort, always give people a surprise (sometimes it is frightened). For example, born in 1984, Adidas Micropacer, first realize the combination of science and sports equipment, although just add a little piece of electronic screen on the left of the tongue, and pedometer and other small features, but it is enough to shock to the industry. Micropaceradidas when the classic air max window air cushion has lasted for twenty years. When fans shoes gradually no longer meet in a myriad of foaming material, when the birth of sneaker areas are in urgent need of new science and technology, Adidas like throwing under heavy bomb like released the Adidas Springblade blade runner. For a time, the industry talking about and adventurers excited to look forward to in the bottom of the revolution of science and technology, but the majority of people holding skeptical. (pictures from the network) Use of high-tech polymer made of Adidas blade blade technology, reportedly is spent 6 years of research and development of the essence, and provide enough elasticity and toughness for running shoes, soles can now offer the colliers feedback. Vincent Steve, creative director of Adidas, said: "the leaves under Springblade will provide energy support for all types of runners." Compared with Boost, in addition to the two products are part of the Adidas Running Boost, Energy but actually focusing on the infinite energy of lasting running, and Springblade is biased towards the explosive force of every step". (pictures from the network) in addition to the blade design from the support of the main force to provide forward thrust, rather than the upward rebound of the foam soles. And from the sole design of advanced form. This Springblade running shoes are not suitable for cross-country running, only suitable for ordinary running on the ground. (pictures from the network) soles of the blades in the design since spent 6 years time, of course, is also very particular about the details of the. Springblade and Adidas's CrazyQuick basketball shoes, including the modular design of the soles, to achieve different parts of the different degrees of force feedback. At the rear of the blade than the front of the thicker, even on the same level of both sides of the line of the blade also has the difference in thickness. And Adidas also said that the Springblade of different shoes will also be based on the size of the user's average weight to provide different standards of the blade. (pictures from the network) because of this run 〉