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Time: 11:45 2009-04-29 source: shoemaking the shoemaking nets in the leather logo on the occasion of fifteen years, according to the "leather logo leather association China regulations" provisions, through strict inspection approval by the relevant state authorities decided to grant the honorary title of pioneer brand leather logo. And announced the brand. The following rankings are in no order. Brand footwear for 2009 China leading leather shoes king "honors include: BELLE, Kangnai, AOKANG, Fuguiniao, golden monkey, Hengda, Gil in the leather logo on the occasion of fifteen years, according to the" leather logo leather association China regulations "provisions, through strict inspection by the relevant departments of the state approved the decision to grant leather logo brand honor vanguard the title. And announced the brand. The following rankings are in no order. footwear brand won the "2009 China leading leather shoes king" honors include: BELLE, Kangnai, AOKANG, Fuguiniao, golden monkey, Hengda, Gilda, Hasen. footwear brand won the "2009 Chinese real leather shoes Wang" Honor: Senda, red dragonfly, yelikon, Linsen, Dongyi, Superspide, ST& SAT, Shuangfeng, Kameido, china. footwear brand won the "2009 China leather shoes" Honor: AI Hao, Ai Miner, lucky bird, Fu Tak, Shengdiluolan, Thailand, Bangsai, 10000, Philip, and sea beasts and St. Danli, Kadi, Oni, keershi, male tiger, kesson and the sign. (Editor: admin)Before the arrival of new year, Adidas Originals is the first release of a new series of popular shoes ZX Flux. This series uses the neoprene neoprene popular street and fashion circle making shoes. Neoprene not only in appearance for the new series showing a clear concise visual effect in dyeing technology to provide more possibilities. In addition to the classic blue, black, and gray, more purple, mint green and orange coral to choose. The series will be on sale in January 15, 2015. adidas-originals-2015-zx-flux-neoprene-pack-1.jpg (44.63 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals 2015 ZX Flux Neoprene 2014-12-27 10:23 upload adidas-originals-2015-zx-flux-neoprene-pack-2.jpg (45.18 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals 2015 ZX Flux Neoprene 2014-12-27 10:24 upload adidas-originals-2015-zx-flux-neoprene-pack-3.jpg (48.76 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals 2015 ZX Flux Neoprene 2014-12-27 10:24 upload adidas-originals-2015-zx-flux-neoprene-pack-4.jpg (48.33 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals 2015 ZX Flux Neo cheap air jordans online prene 2014-12-27 10:24 upload adidas-originals-2015-zx-flux-neoprene-pack-6.jpg (48.98 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals 2015 ZX Fl0[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] with respect to the plight of the 2008 Olympic Games, Adidas (stores) just released 2012 performance in Greater China grew 15 percent, is a "counter-attack." Since 2008 the leadership overestimated the Chinese market after the Olympics, resulting in serious backlog of inventory, it gave me the opportunity to overtake a lot of local brands. Now, the domestic sporting goods market has entered the worst of times, the general decline in the overall performance. Anta (stores) Sports (02020.HK) net profit for the first time since the five-year decline; Olympic sports (01968.HK) turnover decreased by 37.5%, net profit of 778 million yuan from the 2011 drop 60.1 percent; Nike Greater China growth has lagged behind the global market growth rate. The best time Adidas seems to usher in Beijing after the Olympics. March 8, in the "Economic Observer" interview, general manager of high Skyline Adidas Greater China director for reform over the past year made a detailed anatomy. Skyline High, said one business focus in 2013 is to expand the shop's lower-tier cities, plans to sell 800 this year, of which two-thirds of the lower-tier cities, China's future growth in the vast majority of consumer demand generated in the low line city. In this regard, adidas by the census and its own research to develop a list and order of a single shop. "countryside" timetable "After 2008, Adidas first encountered the stock crisis, when the 2009 crisis, when industry-wide inventory, Adidas has come up with solutions, such as the country is again divided into six zones, increase support for dealers efforts, but also the first to propose Adidas 'channel sink', high Skyline its managing director of China announced that it will expand the market to six-tier cities, the whole industry think that's incredible. "key road sports consulting firm founder Zhang said. Adidas had developed a strategy called "the road leading to 2015", the Strategic Plan to 2015 deep into the whole China over 1400 low-tier cities, currently only extends the half. High Skyline recalled that in early 2000, when most of the Adidas shop are open at one to three tier cities, so most of the stores are in major cities, and now need to change this deployment. Adidas research team first national census information in 2010, to understand the population and level of economic development, we Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale alth levels in different provinces, in addition, also received data from retailers, fast-food restaurants and other industries, is also investigating how many open every place banks, schools, department stores, etc., after these data were aggregated, and then analyze how much Adidas currently has market share in that city or region, the number of competitors share, enter that area there is much opportunity. For example, this place Adidas market share is very low, you want to increase market share, or where the blank, by this way also came in a sequence, press has gradually go to these places to shop. This is the Adidas shop in a future roadmap. What order open, where the first open, where after opening, have carried out a very rigorous calculations. High Skyline Adidas represent the number of shop next year we will continue to rise, mainly in lower-tier cities. He revealed an ongoing project, through this project to determine how fast attack to enter these low-tier cities, how to help dealers sell more quickly in these places, and can more easily buy goods from Adidas, provide to that place to go. In some low-tier cities, few international brands involved, in this case, high Skyline said, "We will do an assumption simulation, and then shop accordingly and then develop our plan." He stressed that the low-tier cities consumers increasingly want to buy an international brand, which Adidas to create a good environment, but with the entry of Adidas, while some of our competitors will have to come, competition will become even more intense. Overall, Adidas's goal is to further China 2015 1400 low-tier cities, and currently only open 350, less than half. Skyline High, said this is because in 2012 the overall economic environment is not very good, not only for the sporting goods industry, there are a lot of other industries have suffered a challenge, so a little change of pace and a little shop plans. throughout 2012, high Skyline and his team have a very important task is and dealers "make friends." High Skyline said, to go deep into China so many low-tier cities, adidas is no way to totally self-employed, you need to shop together through distributors, and dealers is required by their "friends" to find their own partners to offline Local shop smaller cities again. In the 18 months prior to 2013, for the low-line market, Adidas has also changed the media delivery ratio and core marketing communication strategy, trying to further enhance low-tier cities in brand awareness. It will spend more on low-tier cities in t Retro jordans for sale he media, such as television advertising. "We are now offering television advertising mainly for low-tier cities, because there is more use of television." High Skyline said. eliminate Stock Adidas suppliers from Adidas to ensure that they earn the highest profits. As for how to do it, said high Skyline through digital reading. Every day, each one selling point, a list of each Adidas require auto sales data in real-time feedback. Upon receipt, the Adidas team will integrate the data into standard systems and reports, and then analyzed. About the display data of the report, the data in the form of dealer stores and outlets and turned over no difference in time to be included sales, trading category, each product price points. "Hard to say if there is any difference, then, is that we have 100% of its stores data replenishment system, but auto shop may be 80% to 90% to provide such data to us." High Skyline explained. The most basic, these data can be found in consumer trends Shanghai and Beijing is very different, such as the southern city of Hong Kong fashion preferences, and some northern provinces, the trend is more like Korean style; and low-tier cities in China, Adidas blue sales of running shoes better, more beautiful orange shoes the best cities on high sales, it is because the latter uses high-tech equipment, such as better shock absorption, higher prices. These data also reflect that a storefront is male or female customer customer more and more kinds of products are more preferred. In order to ensure that consumers enter the store when you want to buy the product he / she will be able to find. using data stores in different areas of analysis, Adidas can help dealers purchase. Skyline New Product Showcase pointing high says, "When the dealer came in here, he can rely on his experience and personal preferences procurement of products. With this data in the future, however, we can tell them that you want to buy this pink shoe, the shoe piece in your area are selling well in the past. If there is no data to support it, everything is very subjective, with this data to support future, everything is documented. "" Through these surveys, we make a carefully selected product category, sold to raise rates. "High Skyline said. Adidas declared goal is to become the most profitable of all the distribution partners, the most profitable business partners. High Skyline says only do this in order to allow reseller partners willing to invest their money earned in the future in new store openings. above the key jordans on sale mens road sports consulting firm founder Zhang said early Adidas rely on a strong supply chain management in the Japanese market have been successful, and now transplant effective in Chinese market, when the whole industry in 2013 are at the "low consolidation "stage, when, Adidas has been a step forward a few steps behind this support is supply chain management. "We changed the market operation in China's business model. In the past, places great emphasis on the wholesale and retail business and relatively neglected, but later we found that this is not enough." High Skyline said. Want and the world's top retailers comparable Adidas to look aimed at the Spanish retailer Zara and Sweden's Hennes & amp; Mauritz AB, both fast fashion companies have in the Chinese market as the retail model. Adidas has been from the two companies "dig" talent. Focus Fashion Currently, Adidas is restructuring retail stores, the next two years, Adidas will launch subdivision counters in mainland China stores in 7000 to provide professional products to attract backpackers and even fashionistas. it has been respected fashion Adidas in the Chinese market, tasted the sweetness. Zhang said that in China, sports lifestyle is far from becoming mainstream, the demand for basic movement is not enough, fashion and sports style is very suitable for Chinese consumers. He said the sports brand Adidas as a hundred years, in the case of global resources, based on the field of professional sports, with the Chinese market under a lot of effort in terms of fashion. However, the general sports brand in sports on the basis of the properties are not strong enough to follow the style of the line, it is easy to fall into the casual wear market, "Red Sea" to go. The Adidas market segments in China to build a number of sub-brands, such as targeting youth fashion sports brand NEO series. 2012 Adidas focus on investment in the Chinese market including the launch of the first TV ad for the NEO brand. And compared to other Adidas sportswear are fast to build faster. High Skyline also revealed its plans in terms of outdoor category, "We found that Chinese consumers increasingly prefer outdoor lifestyle in China, mainly the northern region, we have opened 30 against in the outdoors store. "By the end of 2013, Adidas plans to expand the number of stores to 100 outdoors. adidas think there is an opportunity to point that children's clothing, children's clothing which has opened 500 stores in China, and will continue to invest in that category. In addition, high S Cheap foamposites for sale kyline represents will continue to invest in women category. "Not that we did not previously pay attention to women's products, but the past few years, we found a trend, more and more brands stationed in Shanghai, stationed in China, a woman brought a very rich choice of numerous, each brand provided their unique product positioning, we found in the last two years, seems to be more difficult to catch before loyal women consumers into our shop inside to consume. "High Skyline said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)adidas Originals this month will be NMD R1 bring two pairs of girls exclusive new "Icey Blue" and "White Rose" color matching. The design can be described as a classic black and white color as a prototype, and its shoes are made of breathable mesh. "Icey Blue" black upper detail with black echo to the bottom, and to light blue front and rear stability block is particularly eye-catching, and equipped with white BOOST midsole. "White Rose" in white with fresh pink presents, more feminine charm. The two colors are priced at $130 and are currently available via Finishline . APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! is "the first person socks over shoes" of the Nike Air Sock Racer, in this season ushered in a new and improved version of Flyknit, and the release of Black/Sail, Sail/Black and Pale Grey/Black three new all-match color. three pairs of shoes in the design are made of Flyknit material knitted socks type shoe body, the same color collocation with a sign of foot and toe heel leather, with striking contrast color Swoosh as a decoration, finally equipped with lightweight flexible Nike outsole is running Free. Currently, the three Air Sock Racer Flyknit can be purchased via KITH priced at $140 each. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! to material of Posite as a vamp primary presentation of FoamPosite one and FoamPosite Pro believe is the most customized Daniel to be familiar with the choice, however, besides shoes is already beyond basketball shoes category, has become one of the representative of the trend in the field of culture; overwhelmed, for everyone to bring some custom models of spray foam appreciation, see if you can provide some inspiration for you to customize? search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!After officially changed its name into Nike Roshe One, Nike also did not relax, to bring a new color for the designer to the style of Hawaii as the theme, the shoe body with floral patterns and render the theme color, black and white Swoosh predecessor and the bottom, add flavor to the trend, the shoes a rare summer is one of all-match. It is reported that the shoes have landed Nike SportWear shop sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.Air Jordan V.1 Chukka 2013-12-08 Jordan 22:28:13 Air, Jordan, Brand sells a lot of memorable sneakers, including the gold suit, the Olympic Air Jordan 6 and the Olympic games. Today we brought you a pair of shoes derived from Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 1 V.1. Before Jordan brand used this design idea to relax the Air Jordan 10, Air Jordan 12, and now add Air Jordan 1.. The changed Air Jordan looks more like a pair of casual shoes than basketball shoes. The present color matching is black and brown in two colors. It is reported that the price of this shoes will be 95 dollars, like friends can pay attention to., one of the world's best selling Enduro models, renewed its Giant Reign in late July. Today, Reign has gone through 13 years. At the conference in Italy last week, we finally got to the sixth generation of Reign. No longer, lower, so radical geometric design, all this indicates a mountain bike is not complacent. 2018 Giant Reign Advanced details: · 27.5 wheel diameter · newly designed upper connecting rod · rear wheel travel: 160mm · Trunnion mount rear shock absorber · carbon fiber front triangle; aluminum alloy rear triangle · Boost specification · Maestro suspension structure; · lower pipe and rear fork protection plate · internal routing design ·: time to market: August 2017 Advanced, Forged, Composite, Maestro, MegaDrive, OverDrive, PowerCore, Metric, Trunnion, Boost... Are you tired of these brochures in your brochure? Does it really look like the last generation? Let's take a look at the details. 2018 Reign looks like the previous generation, but Giant has been developing the car for more than two years. The result of this effort is to get the longer, lower model these days. and Giant factory team, Enduro driver, Josh ·, Carlson (Josh Carlson) cooperation, the goal is to build a faster, more applicable, and better climbing performance models. It sounds like a very difficult task, but Giant really did. Thanks to the Maestro suspension technology and the floating point design, this allows for both efficiency and shock resistance. On the 2018 Reign models, we saw the metric shock absorber in the trunnion-mount installation, which has a longer shock stroke, and a smaller leverage ratio. Another advantage of the metric trunnion-mount rear shock system is its better sensitivity. In addition, the trunnion-mount rear shock absorber can further lift the overall frameConverse and Neighborhood's joint note has not faded yet, and Neighborhood has released a joint subscription with Vans to re - interpret Authentic and Sk8-Hi's two classic shoes. with red, black and white and classic plaid pattern as the spindle, Takizawa Nobusuke specially designed "Thumbs up" design, were injected into the shoe body or in the end, I feel very Old Sckool, together with Takizawa Nobusuke when the streets of Tokyo on a unique scene, and shows the VANS slide outside the classical culture street. this series NEIGHBORHOOD x Vault by Vans 2017 spring summer joint series is about to land at NEIGHBORHOOD and HOODS stores, Beijing, Hongkong, VANS stores and Taiwan. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!for autumn and winter clothes, if you want to wear elegant fashion, a pair of delicate thigh boots are essential. Over the knee boots called "gaiter boots, boots for this tall woman, over the knee boots for collocation mini skirt, high waisted shorts and dresses, otherwise there will be sexy and fashionable. Or you can wear tight pants or jeans with black tights or tights that will make your legs special. - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Air Jordan 9, "Kobe" will be on sale in November 19th, Nike classic Air Presto ushered in a new color again comments on last article: Air Jordan 9, "Kobe" will be on sale in November 19th, the next article: Nike classic Air Presto again ushered in a new color nano universe, a Japanese trend shop that has always worked with various brands, has recently come to atmos and Reebok to work together on a new pair of Insta Pump Fury sneakers. With a simple black and white color matching, with the soles of the feet, silver onions embellishment, blending the concept of low-key luxury. In addition, since the Insta Pump Fury series, one of the Insta Pump device on the tongue is also an indispensable function. The product will be officially launched in February, when the favorite friends can buy it in the atmos shop. [page] subtitle #e#Vans Vault 2011 spring new Derby TH LX modified leather shoes Nike Zoom Supreme Court Low shoes published comments on last article: Vans Vault 2011 spring new Derby TH LX leather shoes next: Nike, Zoom, Supreme, Court, Low shoes, published blockbuster sale notice new balance with the well-known New York shoe shop Kith NYC together to build the new joint shoes CM1600KH, well-known shoe designers also Kith NYC host Ronnie Fieg the Florida's Daytona coast as inspiration to the beach with light brown represents the ocean navy blue, pink N Logo with more added vitality, leather and suede uppers are also excellent materials to create texture class, this time to M1600 this model to create the CM1600KH, to popular American leisure style design, with first-class shock absorbers wear comfortable feeling, will be quite suitable for leisure wear. detailed release news: model: CM1600KH width: D price: RMB 1299 listing time: 2014.01.12 shop: Shanghai Huaihai store, Beijing Oriental store, Guangzhou Wan Ling details and mitigation coexist / Nike, SB, Stefan, Janoski, Max, "Grey""; new color show, retro new /Coach x Onitsuka Tiger 2014 joint footwear series review last article: details and mitigation coexist / Nike, SB, Stefan, Janoski, Max, Grey" new color debut, next article: Retro new /Coach x Onitsuka Tiger 2014 joint footwear series After Manchester United became the official shirt sponsor of this year, adidas has launched a variety of themes of clothing items, the brand with the team "Dream Theater" Old home court Trafford the name of the west stand, bringing Stretford shoes this new design, the symbol of the "Red Devils" fans for love and love the team. The first wave of color inspiration from the shirt design team in 1968 for the first time to get European Cup, so the black suede leather binding material composed of low profile, with royal blue and gold stripes Logo "Stretford" to increase the bright spot, finally through the "Red Devils" followed by a Logo symbol of identity. It is reported that this