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Text Box: The engine in RYLY was not running particularly badly; many of you, however, will understand what I mean when I say the motor just felt as if it was due for a rebuild. A bit tired and sloppy, not quite as taut as it once was. So I decided the car deserved a bit of time at the gym of Axel Ress.
 I had accumulated many of the parts necessary over a period of time, so Axel would be able to just perform surgery to revitalise the motor. But as is usual, there was a snag—and a big, expensive one too. From eBay I had bought a complete set of six pistons, liners with rings and gudgeon pins. All new and Peugeot V6 boxed. Except they were discovered to be from a slightly later motor and the liners were sufficiently different to prevent them fitting the block.
I had no choice but to bite the bullet and buy all new pistons and liners. Ouch!
The list of new bits included:            
A set of 6 pistons, liners and gudgeon pins, distributor, fuel pump, oil pump, rebuilt cylinder heads (I rebuilt those), complete clutch kit, engine bearings, water pump, plus sundry bits and pieces.
A fortunate bit was that no major machining work was required (Axel has rarely needed to have a PRV V6 crank reground) so some expense (albeit the cheapest bit!) was spared. I have to say the PRV is a tough old lump. The gungy black deposits around the valve gear are mainly as a result of overheating - the car used to do it a lot - yet with its regular oil changes, the motor ran OK. Cooling on most A310's is marginal and was when the car was new, so time and silted radiators do nothing to help. 
All in all, the engine was effectively a new unit - take a look at the pics below and gaze upon its beauty, all silver and clean, just waiting to go back in the car. Another major part of the operation completed.
What a change in such a short space of time.

Text Box: And then… it was done, finished and ready to go back in. MMmmm—beautiful!!
All standard (except the exhaust manifolds). But what a transformation. From a tired old lump, a youthful and vigorous engine was rediscovered.
Axel Ress is The Man!!